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Dedicated to the one animal species I truly care about: HumanKind
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My name is Altair de Almeida. I am passionate about Natural Medicine and Self-Transformation.
I have been actively engaged with these subjects since I was 19, and that was in 1975, over 30 years ago!
Prompted by my difficult childhood, I had a strong desire to heal my past and thereby become a more authentic, compassionate Human Being.
It has been and continues to be an amazing journey of self-discovery, which has taken me to different parts of the Globe, meeting with remarkable men and women who have guided my way.

One of my greatest pleasures and inspirations is being a catalyst for change to those that seek it, be it on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Over the last 3 decades my skills have been continually honed to include powerful life-enhancing holistic therapies treating mind, body & spirit via Acupuncture, Shiatsu (Acupressure), T'ai Chi (Taiji), Qigong (Chi Kung) & Biodanza. Have a look at the individual therapy tabs for more details of the therapies mentioned.

I am professionally qualified in 5 streams of Natural Medicine, which though connected, are separate systems in their own right. Each training was a minimum of 3 years and some as long as 7 years! I make that distinction, because many 'therapists' qualify after as little as a weekend training, and others after 6 months at Adult Education colleges. As a result of my intensive trainings I draw on my experience of over 30 years to tailor a treatment more specifically tuned to my clients or students needs. The outcomes are therefore more holistic and faster than a practitioner newly qualified or one trained in only a single system.

When I, as a practitioner of holistic medicine, seek to treat 'the whole person', building up a pattern of the persons energetic state is rather like painting a pointillist picture. I spend about two hours on the first consultation talking with my client, noticing subtle sensory clues like facial colour, sound in the voice, creating a structure of dots and colours of information. I then stand back, as it were, and notice the overall pattern and gaps in the integrity of the energy system. Diagnosis is therefore a multi-layered process and treatment is planned to stimulate the person's own resources to restore balance and harmony on the appropriate physical, mental,emotional and spiritual levels.

Apart from my experience of several thousand individual treatment sessions since I became a full time Practitioner of Natural Medicine in 1988, I have specialised in Lifestyle changes, which help myself and my clients alter habits that restrict our return to optimum health.
By enabling my clients to make these changes I have found that they often advance to a lifetime of Improving Health and Peace of Mind, which is inspiring to both of us!

I offer a free 15-minute interview, if required, to enable you to discuss your particular issues and to meet me. As I am interested in helping you make profound changes to your health and well-being (assuming that that is what you want!), it is useful for you to know that you can work with me congenially.

Tel:01684 562528
Email: [email protected]

Malvern Natural Health Centre
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WR14 3ES
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Worcester Natural Therapy Centre
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