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A good Biodanza teacher in London, if you're looking for one

For brilliant info on and prevention of cancer. One of the few cancer charities I support. Most of the other cancer charities only fund pharmaceutical research. Estimates say that over 750 billion dollars have been poured into the Pharmaceutical coffers over the last 30 years for cancer research with very little real benefit to Humankind despite misleading media hype. Also see below for more details on this much disguised subject.

A brilliant charity that helps cancer sufferers to access non-toxic ways of healing themselves. Another cancer charity I fully endorse, having heard wonderfully inspiring stories about the staff, and the help they gave.

Created by British Oncologist and Specialist in cancer prevention, Dr Samuel Epstein. Dr. Epstein is a hero amongst cancer specialists, as he dares to tell the real story, and not the media hype.He is the author of a huge number of peer reveiwed articles on cancer as well as best selling books on the subject. He gave a lecture to the British Parliament some years ago on cancer prevention. It looks like it landed on deaf ears! On the website below, there is a DETAILED LIST of COSMETICS,CHEMICALS, DRUGS and FOODS to avoid getting cancer. IGNORE it at your own peril!


This is the website of a very dedicated doctor, one of the few brave enough to stand up and denounce what the Pharmaceutical Cartels are up to. He has also written over 200 articles on various subjects.

Another dedicated doctor telling the Truth about the FDA, Pharmagames etc. Loads of interesting health information to peruse and digest.

A great personal story of surviving cancer against the odds and also how he learned about the diabolical methods employed by the Pharmaceuticals to get their drugs to public use by hook or by crook! More importantly it shows simple ways to improve health, so surviving cancer becomes a real possiblity. Just using Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy is NOT going to make you immune to cancer, though that illusion is often implied. ONLY PROPER HEALTHY LIVING WILL ENSURE YOU DON'T GET CANCER, AND IF YOU HAVE IT, WILL HELP YOU REVERSE IT,AND HELP YOU MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH!

The information on this website was initially from the website. However, I feel Dr. Budwigs protocol is so important that I've put a direct link to it. The late Dr Johanna Budwig(died in 2003, aged 95) was a German doctor who helped thousands of terminally ill cancer and other patients improve their health using 2 simple natural foods that are cheap and relatively easy prepare. Such was the regard for her powerful work, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize seven times! Ask yourself why this info has not been publicised.Could it be as simple as the fact that though it's been shown to be effective, and there's no money in it for the 'Big Money Boys', the Pharmaceuticals, so it's been neglected? Let food be your medicine....Hippocrates, 450 BC. He is considered the father of modern medicine. In fact Western trained doctors take the Hippocratic Oath: first do no harm! All drugs have known side-effects. Are they harmful? What do you think?

Wonderful food from the sea

Other states and supplements with interesting and relevant information See this link below! See this link! Everything about the most secure sarms to use. Cognition and memory play a vital role in every human life. As long as we don't remember things, as long as we go to extinction. Memory loss may be caused by a range of natural (age-declining) and man-made factors (accidents do occur). As people, we need our cognition to do a number of things, also a sharp mind. Imagine every day waking up, and you know not who you are or where you are. It might be funny, but this is why supplements such as Sarms can help with cognition and boost your memory. MK-677 is one of the best known mixes currently available from the Sarms family. It is known for its reputation online rather than for its clinical research. It contributes to cognition and helps memory preventing memory loss and blackouts. Also called ibutamoren or Nutrabol, MK677 is known.

Disclaimer: The articles above are for informational purposes only. The entire content of my website is based on my opinion and research, unless otherwise noted. In the event you choose to use this or a similar protocols you may want to talk to your doctor or qualified health care professional first. The information I have provided in my website is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information and is not intended, as medical advice. I would encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research along with your doctor or health care professional. Products (or their distributors) mentioned on this site do not make any claim to any specific benefits that might be achieved by using them. This information is not specific to any company’s products. Statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration(US) or NICE (UK)The entire risk as to the use of this website and the information therein is assumed by the user.

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