The Evolution Project

Dear Biodancers
Have you ever wondered what it would be like for you to completely reveal the Real, the Magnificent You to everyone?

Usually, through our 'Bonsai' programming (more about that below!), we fear our inhibitions showing up,and making a 'fool' of ourselves. When I first came across this line from the Course in Miracles ( you can see the whole writing, if you Google, 'Our deepest Fear') it was a lightbulb moment for me!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate".

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure!".

Because of our Bonsai training (see below) we kerb our feelings, and don't express what we want. We say, feel and do differing things. We then wonder why we get dis-eased (cos we're out of ease!). Just watch our 'dis-abled' Down Syndrome brothers and sisters.They love everyone, hug everyone, express their true feelings.Who really is dis-abled?

I feel honoured and privileged, along with my dear friend Ruth, to be inviting you to join us for a very special occasion: the first ever Evolution Project vivencia weekend in Britain! I say privileged because Professor Carlos Garcia Varela is a genuine, warm, humble and loving teacher of Biodanza.

Carlos Garcia Varela

He belongs to the first group of Biodanza teachers that Rolando Toro Araneda, the creator of Biodanza taught over 30 years ago. I have an enormous respect for him because of his integrity. It is out of that integrity and his passion for helping people-he is also a Professor of Psychology, again, with over 30 years experience-that the Evolution Project (EP) was created.

All the Biodanza teachers and students I have spoken to, who have done the EP vivencia weekend or the subsequent EP teacher training have told me that it was the most powerful vivencia and training they had ever done in terms of revealing their real selves (and blocks to being themselves).
In other words it allowed the greatest opportunity to evolve or transform themselves.

As I am passionate about self-development I set out to bring Carlos to the UK, when I first heard about this unique approach, even amongst all the jewels Biodanza has to offer.

The late Rolando Toro had a great respect for Carlos's EP, and has written a glowing testimonial, shown below.

Rolando Toro Araneda, creator of the Biodanza system, still dancing, aged 85

So why is the Evolution Project so special and powerful?

It is different to a normal class of Biodanza in that it uses the metaphor of the 'Tree of Life' to closely inspect 5 metaphorical aspects of ourselves, namely, our roots, trunk, branches flowers and fruits.
I won't go into much detail here (there's more info, including testimonials below); however, to give you a flavour of the process:

Roots: how was your past rooted; what type of soil (or upbringing) did you have? Just as important, what are your roots being nourished by right now? What needs to change to that nourishment so you can obtain maximum benefit?

Trunk: What kind of guidance (or support) did you have as a child? Are you well supported now? Do you need more support…. or is your 'support' suffocating you? etc

The metaphor of the Tree of Life has been used in many mystic schools, including the Kabbalah and some of the Shamanic traditions of the Mayans and the Incas of Peru.

The beauty and unique approach of the Evolution Project is that it uses specialised vivencias to explore the 5 aspects and to strengthen them. It uses the beautiful evocative music we love so much to enable deep transformation to take place.
Carlos speaks of the 'Bonsai persona'. Just like a Bonsai tree most of us have had our roots encased, our branches and trunk twisted to suit the culture,education or religious upbringing we had.

The flowers and fruits of our labours are therefore stifled, depending on how much we've been able to let go of the Bonsai persona.

Are you willing to allow your ‘Bonsai’ programming to dissolve?
Are you prepared to face the reality of your life, to remove the masks that create unease (or dis-ease) in your life?
Is it time for you to deepen authenticity, to allow the full power of your radiance to shine and to help others to do the same?

The Evolution Project is about allowing our ‘roots’ to metaphorically reach towards the dark nourishing organic soil and water, our trunk, branches, flowers and fruits to connect with the pure invigorating air, and glowing sunshine that is available to us, if we choose to grow that way!

First opportunity in Britain!

Postponed to 2012. Please send me your details if you want to be informed of the new dates.

The Evolution Project is a specialisation (extension) of Biodanza. It enables us to understand our strengths and weaknesses and helps us re-create our natural bountiful lives & blossom towards our full potentialities.

Prof Rolando Toro’s testimonial of The Evolution Project :

The Evolution Project is an Extension of Biodanza created by Prof. Carlos Garcia.
  This extraordinary extension uses the model of the growth of the Tree of the Life to symbolize the evolutionary processes of a human being. The inner process begins in the seed expressing its genetic potentials and initiates its growth deepening its roots and elevating its body through the trunk until it creates branches, flowers and fruits.. Each human being realises a similar trajectory in his stages of growth.
  It is possible to make a existential diagnosis according to the trajectory of this inner tree: if the roots are poor or ‘wounded’, the life of the person grows without the nutritional force to generate the ‘wise person persona’ that allows him to reach his fullness; if the trunk is not strong, the axis of its growth will vacillate and have an uncertain evolution; when extending their branches, the different options for their vocation and the diversity of their potentials are indicated; the flowers symbolically represent the splendour and beauty of their life; the fruits will be their works and their vital generosity, the nutritional result of all their evolutionary process. If the tree does not expand its branches and is sterile, its life will be empty.
  This phenomenológical descriptive study will allow us clearly to see which are the weak and strong parts of our tree of life. The student will dance and do ceremonies that reinforce the growth potential, for example, the roots (reparenting) or the nutritional wealth of his works.
  The Evolution Project is a methodology to evaluate and to stimulate the existential process, using experiences able to transform the contents of our unconscious, and to reach the fullness of the own existence.

  The Biodanza extension of Prof. Carlos Garcia is of great therapeutic effect and existential rehabilitation, using a poetic metaphor, a deep knowledge of the cosmic process of Human Evolution.

  The vivencia of this amazing weekend will only be open to those with previous Biodanza experience. If in any doubt about your suitability, or Biodanza experience please speak or email Ruth or Altair prior to booking. It is not possible to only attend on Sunday unless you’ve done the weekend before.

Following this EP vivencial weekend, depending on demand, the three Evolution Project training weekends will be available to IBF Biodanza teachers or SUS, in 2012.

Venue: St John the Divine Church hall, Kew Road, Richmond, London TW9 2PE

Date:10.30am to 20.00 on Saturday and 10 to 6pm on Sunday. The dates have had to be postponed to 2012. Sorry!

Cost: £150. Cheques made payable to Ruth Strupinski, 35 Mount Ararat Rd, Richmond, TW10 6PQ. Cheques need to be paid by ...,because cheques take time to process! Please note that if you're paying at the door, it'll be £170 in cash on the day so that we’re all ready to go when the class starts!



Also Available:
Special teachers training (Only open to teachers and third year students/SUS) The aim would be to for Carlos to deepen our understanding about progressivity, or how to enable teachers to go from beginners classes, to Intermediate or Advanced vivencias, weekends or longer intensives.Plus any burning questions! Monday following the weekend.

10 am to 4pm.

Venue: St John the Divine Church hall, Kew Road, Richmond, London TW9 2PE
Cost £50

For those Teachers /SUS etc not attending the weekend, the cost is £80.



Ruth Strupinski at :   [email protected]
Altair de Almeida at :  [email protected]

Please put "I'm coming!" in the subject box to reserve your place.

Read on for more information, including The Evolution Project Teacher training, Testimonials and more details about EP : -


The Evolution Project is structured into 3 modules. Each module is over a two day period and is will held over a weekend to allow ease of attendance.

As The Evolution Project is an specialisation of Biodanza, participants are required to be teachers or third year students. The pre-requisite for the teacher training is that the participant must have also done the Evolution Project Vivencia weekend.
Special incentives for teachers or teachers under Supervision.This information is only available to teachers/SUS, so you will need to email Altair with your name and details and the info will be emailed to you asap.

Please email this to any teachers or final year students you know who are passionate about teaching Biodanza, whether they are actively teaching or not.
This training is focussed about creating a bountiful life.
Please also send this message to other Biodanza students who would benefit from the vivencial experience: this weekend is open to all who have over 50 hours Biodanza experience.

Read on for more information, including testimonials : -
The Evolution Project takes the theme – THE TREE OF LIFE as its basis and poses certain existential questions that we cannot readily find answers for :-

  • What type of soil enables me to grow ? 
  • Where are, and how strong are my roots ?
  • In what direction have I allowed my life to blossom ?
  • Have I shown the best of me ?
  • What fruits have I generated ?
Five Stages of Evolution in The Evolution Project : -
  1. The roots: “To take root” it is to dig deep; base and solidity for our growth.
  2. The stem: to have “axis”, to grow with solidity and structure.
  3. The branches - the extensions - the directions we take in our life: family, profession, art, friendship, etc.
  4. The flower: to bloom is to begin to show the beauty (after an inner process) and the essence it perfumes.
  5. The Epiphany: the fruits of our life.

Testimonials from teachers who have done the Evolution Project teacher training with Carlos Garcia

The Evolution Project with Carlos Garcia

"I followed the Evolution Project training with Carlos in 2007-08 in the South of France and would strongly recommend this new IBF-recognised training to complement and build on Teachers’ existing skills.  It is a fascinating approach and extension of Biodanza, of particular interest to me in its psychological dimension.  It is strongly growth-oriented and, in the invitation to work with the 5 stages (roots, trunk, branches, flowers and fruits), also leads most participants to come face-to-face with blocks (often from early life experience) to their development and self-expression.  There is therefore a strong responsibility for the teacher who chooses to facilitate the Evolution Project.  Although very different in structure and content from the Minotaur Project it is certainly of equal intensity.

Personally, a significant extra benefit of the training is the impact it can have on more ‘everyday’ teaching of Biodanza, whether in a weekly class or longer workshops.  While there are very specific exercises that belong solely to the Evolution Project, the preparatory theory and usage of other (established) Biodanza exercises lend themselves readily to adding further dimensions to existing teaching.  For me this is primarily in teaching related to themes of expansion and growth, although I’m sure everyone will find different elements in it for themselves.  

Enjoy the workshops – Carlos is a fabulous trainer with great knowledge to impart!"

-Dr Richard Golsworthy - Biodanza Facilitator and Chartered Psychologist, Glasgow, UK

"I think that the Evolution Project is brilliant!
It enables us to identify where we are blocked and how to dance it through to make powerful breakthroughs. And it’s all about the future.  I recommend the vivencias and the training to all Biodanza students and teachers who want to flow more in their lives and to create new possibilities.
My feeling is that this training is one of the most special and powerful in Biodanza!"

-Warm Embraces, José Sloot - Biodanza Teacher, Netherlands.

Dearest Altair,
Read your invitation for EP....I've done the EP twice (in The Netherlands) and it is always an amazing experience. I feel & think Carlos is a great teacher and facilitator...I'm definitely interested in doing the teacher's EP I think this specialisation is of utmost importance within the whole concept of Biodanza..

I'm contemplating of coming to the UK for the 3rd time.....(-_-)..

Heleen Lugard, Student of Biodanza in the Netherlands

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is coming to London in 2011!

For more information Contact Altair DeAlmeida or Ruth Strupinski

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